Free (Part 2)

Sometimes I feel so
In rage
Sad and
When I feel
That I am not allowed to be as free
As a woman from the “West”,
That I am not allowed to be with a man and
Have babies (or not) without being married,
Not allowed to get dressed the way I want,
Not allowed to be single and live by myself,
Not allowed to be in my own country
And live the way I feel that it is right for me.

There are some rules that limit the way I want to live
But it is mainly the judgment that
Keeps following me.
Now I don’t make anymore any difference
Between THEIR judgment
And MY judgment.

I am not hurting anyone,
So why is it so wrong to remind others
That they are free and can live the way they want?
Why is my way of living making them
Why would they not accept
That I have my own way of living?
Why do they keep making pressure on me
And have an opinion about every single aspect of my life?

Please, I need some rest,
Leave me live the way I want.

Please, I need some peace,
Leave me enjoy my life for once.

Please, I need to find myself,
Stay away from me
Cause I need to breathe with more depth.

Why is it so hard
To believe that I have a way
And I don’t want to follow anymore
The rules
That feel limiting
And betray my own nature.

I have my own way to do
To live
To think
To behave
And that’s fine with me,
Why is it so hard for you to accept?

Leave me alone.
Leave me find myself.
Leave me breathe some fresh air.
Cause I deserve to feel
For God’s sake!

Liberation of the heart

Liberation of the heart – by Sanaa



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