harvest season.


Art by Sanaa

2016 has been an intense year for most of us. It is time to harvest the fruits of our #patience#faith#dedication and #trust in the #power of #love.
I’ll be dedicating my time to make my #passion my #vocation and bring some #passion fruits to the table.

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i am seeking a business partner.


I am looking for a business partner for a new project/business.

About me?

I am a creative and an artist. I am easily inspired with different ideas and projects. My mind is constantly creating and I am easily overwhelmed by all the projects that I have in mind and I can loose sight of the direction to take. For this reason, I block my creative process and I get stuck in incomplete projects.

Now it is time for me to give birth to my amazing ideas and projects and offer my creativity to the world.

My talents are in different areas: visual art, writing, songwriting, singing…. I am also exploring other venues: jewelry, fashion design, performance, photography, filmmaking … Yes, I am ambitious and I have a lot to give and explore! I want someone who can support me in my craziness and dreams, and believe 100% of the idea that everything is possible.

I am also an art therapist, a creative facilitator and a reiki practitioner.

Healing is part of my world and what I create.

My mission is to create beauty for healing and make this world a more loving and peaceful place through my art and creativity. The projects that I have in mind for this business at this point are about connecting art and healing.

I also have a business and marketing background. But this is part of my past and I want to do things differently now. I really want to focus my energy in my creativity and that’s the reason why I am seeking a partnership and someone who is skilled and passionate about the business side.

I am not just seeking for someone who is good in business; I am seeking for someone who wants to make this world a better place and willing to collaborate with a creative person.

I have worked in businesses before so I have some experience. However, I want to do things differently today and do things that feel right. It is not about just making money or what should be done or what others are doing. It is about what COULD be done for the sake of making this place a better world, for the sake of generating abundance to support more projects to share and live comfortably, for the sake of being of service, for the sake of bringing beauty in this world, for the sake of making this experience enjoyable and have a lot of fun.

I have been through a healing journey and self-exploration (and it is still on going) which brought me to release old ways of doing things, old limitations and beliefs. Now I am embracing day after day a new way of living and seeing the world.

My new philosophy of life that I am integrating more and more:

Life is abundant and unlimited.

Everything is possible.

Whatever I set my mind to do, I can do it.

Whatever I dream of, it is possible.

There is no limitation except those I created through my mind and I have the power to release those limitations and shift my perceptions to create the reality I desire.

What I am offering: ideas, vision, inspiration, a new way of thinking and approaching life and a strong willingness to share my gifts.

About you?

I am looking for someone who is willing to take this leap of faith with me and start something new, innovative, out of the box and daring and have fun through the process.

I am looking for a person with a good heart and a bright mind, not just a set of skills.


  • Positive attitude towards life. Ability to see the good in all situations and to believe that everything is possible.
  • Long-term commitment. This is not a just a job, this is a business partnership.
  • Driven by his/her heart and trust in his/her intuition.
  • Trust in the power of intention and open to explore new realities and create new structures.
  • Action oriented. Quick to make decisions and take risks, but also trust in the process of life and divine timing.
  • Have a strong interest in art and healing.
  • Love people and see the good in people.
  • Live a balanced life (work is important but there is more to life than work)
  • See work as part of a vocation and being of service and not just a way of making money.
  • Flexible in terms of time, location and amount of work.
  • This might be too much to ask but it is important for me: have done some healing, inner work, shadow work, self-development.


  • Business smart with some experience
  • Negotiation skills (confortable with finding and negotiating with suppliers and different stakeholders)
  • Technical skills (website design, photoshop, anything related to technology) would be AMAZING but not a requirement.
  • It would be awesome if you speak French but this is not a requirement.


I live in my hometown Casablanca, Morocco. I am willing to move if it is for the highest interest of the business.

I am open to work with a local or someone from overseas who is willing to move or to work remotely.

I like to travel, move and change location so I am open to anything we are both comfortable with.

The project:

The idea is to create a structure where my projects can take form and can be shared with the world. It might be a brand, different brands, different projects or one project at the time…

With a sense of love is one the projects that I want to develop and grow.

However, this might be a structure that may change over time, so flexibility is key and allowing the business to grow at its own pace.

I may also have other projects that may need to be developed outside of this structure. So I am really open if you already have another business, job or projects you are working on. I am open with it as far as you are committed to your responsibility towards this project.

Contact process:

In the spirit of creativity and fun, please send me your vision board of the business you want to create and a little story about you and your dreams. 🙂

Send me an email to Sanaa at abouayoubsanaa@gmail.com.

Feel free to contact me if you have any question.

Deadline: September 30th, 2016